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The Art of Verdeen


The Art of Verdeen became especially well known around 312 AG. After Verdeen a whole painting revolution evolved. Years of study became available at Perfica on the subject of dyes, paints, and colors in the year 319 A.G.


When Verdeen died late in the 4th century controversies and speculation about his paintings arose. People began collecting his paintings and poring over them for clues as to what Verdeen really knew. Verdeen myths have persisted even to the 6th century, yet now many of the theories are works of art in themselves.


Verdeen painted hundreds of works, but there are four main pieces that attract the most attention. 


The Banquet

The Mourners

The Orphans

The Banshee


The originals of these works are hanging on the walls of the Queen's Castle in the city of Lanorr. The power of viewing the original paintings are said to inspire epiphanies and reveries of the most spectacular sort. Though it scarcely can be believed. More likely that the viewer is overwhelmed not only by the paintings, but the majesty of the Queen's abode, and the fact that it is situated deep in the heart of the Valley of the Butterflies, the most beautiful place in Katarus.

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