The Children of God

The Children of God Trilogy is set on the continent of Abalethia in the year 556. Scholars believe history to date back thousands of years, but much of that history is lost. The map to the left depicts the lands predominantly controlled by the Katari (citizens of the Katarus Empire). It constitutes the middle portion of the continent, with relatively unknown lands spreading further north and south.


Around the continent is an impenetrable wall of mist that hovers over the oceans. No-one has ever travelled into it and returned. The Katari place their honoured dead into small grave-boats and sail them into the mist, believing the after-life to be on the other side.


Because of the danger of the mist, the Katari do not sail the oceans. The rivers, however, are sacred to the Katari, and constitute the basis of much of their culture and belief.

Map Fundamental Layout & Design by Michael Hawke * Finished Design & Effects by DM Cornish