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Michael lives in South Australia with his wife and two boys. He spent his childhood with aid-worker parents in the rain-soaked forests of the Pakistani Himalayas. He now works for a charity supporting families through loss, trauma and abuse.  For Michael, writing has always been about the contrast of these realities: the beauty of the world with the suffering of its people and the stories of those who flourish through it. When he isn’t writing Michael dances in the living room with his three boys, collects unnecessary amounts of stationery, and discusses theology and philosophy with anyone who will listen.

Fantasy readers are far more sophisticated than they are often given credit for, but the fact is it is just so hard to find the good stuff on the shelves. We want the immersion and majesty of epic stories, but often have to put up with pulp or what is sometimes worse, pretension. I believe fantasy readers deserve better. For me that means richer characters, meaningful stories, and good writing. 

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