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Lanorrian Calendar

The Queen’s Calendar was created in the year 178. All the old methods of counting the days died out quickly as all Katari young were subsequently taught at the new Lethican’s that were built in each major city. 


Mammonday - day of fire

Yamsday - day of water

Tarsday - day of slaves

Nimsday - day of princes

Slaterday - day of destruction

Suraday - day of beauty


6 Days of the week; 5 weeks to a month

366 days to a year (includes the Festival of the Rain)


Festival of the Rain:

The most important of all Katari holidays, the Festival of the Rain falls at the end of the calendar year. For six full days all work is required to cease as Katari across the empire celebrate. Each of the six days corresponds to one of the six city states of the empire.

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