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The Branch of Yamala

In what many critics view as a step backward from Trinitus Garret’s enlightened views, the cult of Yamala has begun spreading its views across Katarus. The self-proclaimed prophet Mirandith began preaching of the Goddess in the Rivers. He named her Yamala, and said that she provided safety and warmth to all who worshipped her. Despite being a laughing stock at most sophisticated gatherings, the cult has gained popularity with the poor and disadvantaged. The gap between rich and poor has never been as wide, the threat of the foulings are forefront in the minds of many, and corruption is rife. 


Pilgrims of Yamala can now be seen travelling from river to river, believing that Yamala herself will protect those on the road. They wear the typical brown robes often seen in the Lethicans, but they wear a blue embroided cap on their heads that symbolise their submission to the River. Mirandith himself lives in Nitidus Gentus, but once a year will travel around the cities, preaching and converting as he goes. The symbol of Yamala is of the 7 rivers of Katari, all joined like a branch, called the Bramith or the Branch of Yamala.


The Goddess of Yamala declares that all must confess and cleanse themselves. Cleanliness is her ultimate quality, and she rewards those who maintain their bodily purity. 


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