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The Adventurers - No Name

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Thallan Faemenor-Farrieth:

Thallan grew up in the far south of Golarion, among the pirates. Wingnut and Thallan travelled to Ustalav and attached themselves to the University of Lepidstadt. Thallan saved the life of the professor, and soon after became his understudy. Together they have conducted research and written papers on matters relevant to Ustalav.

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Alise Heimdottir:

Fate smiled on Alise and Professor Lorrimor one day in the not so distant past. Through a matter of pure chance, Alise found herself in a position to save the late scholar’s life and did so. His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget her. 

Tamos Wolvar.PNG

Tamos Wolvar:

The professor saw great potential in Tamos when he was a small boy. Tamos' unique nature was irksome for his kin and life at the University was better by far. As he grew Tamos became the professor's scribe and occasional lecture assistant, often rubbing shoulders with Thallan. It was with the professor's urging that Tamos returned home once more to find a much changed reception. Blood and Spirit, the motto of house Wolvar was again worn by Tamos Wolvar, thanks to the guidance and friendship of the Professor.



Wingnut travelled north to Ustalav with Thallon. Shedding the life of the pirate (mostly), the goblin soon became a common sight among the university folk of Lepidstadt. Wingnut made firm friends of both Gobber Gunderbunt (the security chief of the Uni) and with Thallan was often seen in the company of the professor. Wingnut is a highly recognised personality in Lepidstadt, nearly everyone has heard of the Lepidstadt Goblin and the famous feasts that he often lavishes on the citizens.



Koichi was tricked and kidnapped by Corlan the so-called cleric of Desna that resided in Hergstag. True in fact, the cleric was none other than a servant of Ghlaunder, and for sure as hell, Koichi was destined to be the dinner of the "Enemy of All Life". Saved from sure engorgement by Wingnut, Tamos, Alise and Thallan, Koichi is now their firm travelling companion.

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