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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a pathfinder 1E game. Your characters begin at level 5. You all wake up in the small town of Tartus. You have amnesia, with no recollection of who you were or might have been. All your quirky and annoying character traits are still in full effect.

Surrounding the city on all sides is the Labyrinth. Why you have been sent here is unknown, but for countless years the residents of Tartus have tried to break out of the Labyrinth. It is believed there are waystations deep in the Labyrinth, that will eventually lead to freedom and to answers. But the Labyrinth is deadly—with a mind of its own, it abides by a strict ruleset, but it is deadly, seeking to trick you into death.

But in the depths of the Labyrinth are the resources that Tarten needs to survive, and the Labyrinth often uses these to trap or waylay the unsuspecting Runner—this is the name given to those who venture therein. Can you outwit the Labyrinth? Can you find out why it was created? Can you work out what is going on, and perhaps above all, why you were sent there to begin with?

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