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The 5th Edition Shackles Story Tracker

This is Verickus Mile. A Chelixian noble of some sort. You all saw him in the dream sequence talking to Harrigan and the fierce looking orc! What does he want with Harrigan?

This is Captain Harrigan. The Man's Promise was stolen by Plugg and then 'liberated' by you. Chances are, Harrigan still considers it his property. Is this going to be a problem? What will happen when/if you meet him again?

This is Captain Merril. Not a friend yet but seemingly not an enemy either. Is this a friendship that will last a lifetime? Or is he just another pirate captain out for himself? 

The Dragon on Bonewrack Isle. This Umbra Nightmare has a strange affinity with Jimmy. What does it mean, and who is Jimmy really?

The Kuru are the cannibals from the far west on the Shackles. They have Thallon's sister held captive someplace, but is there any chance she is alive? The Kuru are cannibals, so surely not...

This fierce looking orc was seen talking to Verickus Mile and Harrigan. Who is he, and what threat does he pose to you?

Rickety Hake, the man you thought could be trusted has proven not so trustworthy. He believes you to be dead now, so what will he do with your ship - or with Jimmy and your crew?

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