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Building a Writer’s Platform or Being More Than ‘Just’ an Author

It’s something I know I should be doing. As I wait for my own novel to find a home I part entertain and part torment myself by watching the journeys of others. At present it is Lynette Noni’s story that is engrossing me most. Watching her current excitement at the second installment of her Medoran Chronicles is a joy. When she sends out a post I read it and wonder whether I should be doing something similar: it’s a three course meal of envy, curiosity and inspiration.

Chuck Sambuchino has written a book about creating your writer’s platform—I haven’t read it yet. Mainly because I already know what I should be doing: writing blogs and updating my website even if I don’t particularly feel like it. It is a discipline and an important one at that. Gone are the days when you are judged on your work alone, you need to be more than that: a teacher, an entertainer, someone interesting at least.

The problem is there are many days where I don’t find myself that interesting, and sometimes that can go on for weeks. I keep telling myself that I need to find my niche and focus on it, or find what I am passionate about and write about it. Of course that is what I am doing with my stories, and I can’t seem to find the motivation to turn that into blogs.

It occurs to me that this is a start.


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